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Snowboarding lesson

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

Snowboarding lesson

Before Sophia and Robert had their first snowboarding lesson, Sophia was feeling very worried. She didn't want to fall over in the snow and be the worst in the class. And she didn't want Robert to laugh at her. Her brother was clever and did everything better than she did.

There were ten children in the snowboarding class and their teacher's name was David. Sophia liked him because he was young and very kind. They started their lesson on a small hill, which was fine, but then David took them on the lift to the top of the mountain. All the other children followed David down the mountain but Sophia couldn't. She was too frightened. The class disappeared and Sophia was alone.

But then David came to find her. 'The others are waiting for you at the bottom,' he said. 'Come on. Be brave. I'll help you.' They went very slowly at first. Then they went a bit foster. 'You see,' said David, 'You can do it!' When she arrived at the bottom of the mountain, everyone clapped. Sophia didn't fall over once, so she felt really pleased.

'Well done!' said David. 'You didn't fall over once!'

'Wow,' said Robert. 'You looked really cool.'

'Come on. Let's have a snowboarding race,' said Sophia after their lesson. 'I can go as fast as you now!'


Sophia felt worried before her snowboarding lesson.

Her brother Robert was always at everything than Sophia.


1. The children's was called David.
2. Before the class went to the top of the mountain they practised on
3. Sophia was to follow David and the class down the moutain.
4. David helped Sophia to the mountain.
5. All the children clapped when Sophia got to the
6. Sophia was because she didn't fall over.
7. Sophia wanted to after their lesson.