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Richard paints his room

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

Richard paints his room

Purple was Richard's favourite colour. He had a purple school bag, a purple sweater and his uncle gave him a purple tent for his eleventh birthday!

One day, he said to his mother, 'The walls in my bedroom have been yellow since you painted them when I was five years old, but I'd like to paint them purple now. Can we do that?'

'It's a very dark colour, Richard,' she said 'If you want a different colour, how about orange? That's nicer, I think!'

'But I love purple, Mum. I'm sure it will look amazing!' Richard answered. 'OK!' his mother said. 'We can fetch some paint from the supermarket. We can buy brushes there too.'

They took the train into the city and got everything that they needed. When they arrived home, they put on some old clothes, carried Richard's bed and cupboards into another room, found some old newspapers and put them on the floor and then started painting. They painted for three hours!

Then they tidied the room, went downstairs and made a hot drink. But Richard was excited and ran upstairs to look at his room again.

'Do you like it?' his mother called from the kitchen.

'It looks great, Mum! I love it!' Richard answered. 'And I'd like to paint my bed and cupboards purple now too, I think!'


Richard's favourite colour as

On Richard's eleventh birthday, gave him a purple tent.


1. Richard was when his mum painted his bedroom yellow.
2. Richard's mother thought was a nicer coulour for his room.
3. They decided to go and get the paint and some new from the supermarket.
4. They went to the city by to do their shopping.
5. Richard and his mother put on the floor of Richard's room before they started painting the walls.
6. They spent painting the room.
7. Richard wanted his to be purple next!