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Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines

Mars is the name of the ....nearest.... planet to ours. People also call it "The Red Planet", (1)..... when you see it in the night sky it looks red.

Our plants and animals can't (2)..... on Mars. It hasn't got our kind (3)..... air. It's also very cold and it has strong winds.

A long time (4)......, there was a lot of water on Mars, people think, but now there is no water in the rivers or lakes. There may (5)...... big lakes of ice somewhere on Mars, but people haven't found (6)...... yet.

People have sent cameras to take pictures of Mars, but (7)....... has ever been there. It takes about a year for the camera to get there through space. The photographs (8)...... come from the planet show only rocks and mountains. There have never been (9)..... photographs of little green men!

Mars is the planet most like ours. Perhaps, one day, people may go there to (10)...... it

1. (1)

2. (2)

3. (3)

4. (4)

5. (5)

6. (6)

7. (7)

8. (8)

9. (9)

10. (10)