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Katy and Michael's app

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

Katy and Michael's app

Katy and Michael both enjoy playing computer games. Last summer they talked a lot about designing online games and apps, as well. In the future, they both want to be designers like their father.

In the autumn, they decided to design an app to help kids choose comics or story books. They agreed about something important. Children must enjoy using the app. It mustn't be boring.

'Well, we could make something appear on the screen each time they choose a book,' Michael said.

'OK! What about a really strange creature that hops across the screen, or perhaps we could show rain that changes into a rainbow?'

'Brilliant!' said Michael. 'Shall we ask Dad about this?"Yes, let's ask him now,' said Katy.

Their father loved the idea. 'Here's an amazing program,' he said. 'You can use it to make your app. And don't worry. I can help.'

Last month Katy and Michael's app appeared online for the first time! A journalist who wrote for a computer magazine called them about it.

'I'd like to write about you in the magazine. Which do you enjoy most, now? he asked. 'Designing apps or playing games?'

'Designing apps!' Katy and Michael answered.

'OK! And I'll need a photo of you. Can we come round and take one?'

You don't have to do that!' Katy laughed. 'We'll text you one!'


Katy and Micheal are very interested in making

The children would like to be in the future, like their father.


1. They wanted to design an app which helped children choose stories and to read.
2. They didn't want the app to be
3. Katy and Michael wanted the app to show something funny like a that moves or a rainbow.
4. They decided to tell about their idea.
5. The children used to design their app.
6. A journalist who worked phoned them when he heard about their app.
7. The children now think is more fun than playing cumputer games.