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Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the line. There is one example.
journalists a dictionary an actor a salad flour pilots rice a cook a pizza a subject jam a knife a dentist scissors a university

This is made of diffrent kinds of fruit, and you can eat it with bread and butter .....jam.....
1. You can make this with a lot of diffrent vegetables, but you don't cook it

2. This is someone who works in the theatre, in films or on TV

3. You can use these for cutting paper and card. You can cut your hair with them, too

4. This has a kind of breat at the bottom, with cheese and tomatoes on top of it, and you can cook it

5. You go to this person when you have toothache, and he or she helps you

6. This is white or brown and you use it when you make cakes, biscuits and pasta

7. This is something that you study at school, for example, English, history or science

8. These people write for newspapers or magazines. They also work for TV or radio

9. If you can't spell a word, you might look for it in this book

10. These people fly planes all parts of the world