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I love going to the beach

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1-5. There is one example.

I live near the sea and I love going to the beach __every__ day with my dog. He's called Fly. I throw a ball into the sea and Fly loves (1)___  into the water to get the ball and bring it back to me. It was a (2)___ day on Saturday and Mum came with us when we went to the beach. I threw the ball into the sea and Fly went to fetch it. But when he came out of the water he didn't have the ball. He had a plastic bottle in his (3)___.  He put the bottle down by my feet. 'Look,' said Mum, 'there's something in the bottle.' It was a (4)___  of paper. I took it out. It was a letter.

It said, 'Hello, my name is Daisy. If you find this letter please write to me'. Her (5)____ was at the top of the letter. I wrote to Daisy when I got home and two weeks later I got a letter from Daisy. We are good friends now .

1. (1)____

2. (2)____

3. (3)____

4. (4)____

5. (5)____

6. Now choose the best name for the story