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Helen usually walks straight home after school

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct answer next to numbers 1-5. There is one example.

Helen usually walks straight home after school, but last Monday, she didn't ...want...  to, because her mother was at the dentist's. Helen had a key to their door but she decided to go to the park. She went to play on the (1) .....  first. She sat down, kicked hard and went higher and higher. She closed her eyes and felt like a (2).....   in the sky. Suddenly, she remembered her mother's words. 'You must be home by four o'clock.' She ran home, but when she put her hand in the (3) ....  of her skirt to take out the key, it was empty. She went to her grandmother who lived in the next street. Helen began to (4) ....  'Here's another key for your house. Take this one Helen's grandmother said. 'Please don't tell Mum!' Helen said. 'OK. It's our secret,' her grandmother (5)  ... Helen went home and sat down to watch TV Just before her mother arrived!

1. (1)

2. (2)

3. (3)

4. (4)

5. (5)

6. Now choose the best name for this story