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Harry visits his grandparents

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1-5. There is one example.

Harry went to visit his grandparents last weekend. His grandparents and their dog, Socks, live in a __village__ near some hills. On Sunday morning, Grandpa and Harry woke up very (1)____  and they decided to go for a walk in the hills. Grandma and Socks were still sleeping when Harry and Grandpa Ieft the house.

Grandma woke up two (2)___  later. She Looked out of the window.

"It's going to be foggy on the hill soon," she said.

So she put on her shoes. "Come on," she said to Socks. "Let's go and find Harry."

Grandma and Socks started to walk up the nearest hill. It was very (3)___ for them to see anything, but Socks knew where to find Harry and Grandpa because he could (4)___ them.

An hour later, Grandma and Socks found them. They were in a cold little cave. They had some food and a (5)____ but they were very happy to see Socks.

"Thank you Socks," said Harry. "Can you find the way home now?"

1. (1)_____

2. (2)_____

3. (3)_____

4. (4)____

5. (5)____

6. Now choose the best name for the story