Trang chủ / A2 Flyers / Reading & Writing


Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the line. There is one example.
silver snacks offices plastic stations an umbrella universities a biscuit paper meals glass theatres wool a tent cheese

Windows and mirrors are made of this, and it breaks if you drop it
1. You open this and hold a over your head when it rains.

2. Breakfast and dinner are examples of these.

3. You go to these places to catch a train or to meet people who have arrived on one.

4. People use this to make the pages in a book or magazine.

5. When people leave school they can study subjects like history, art and science in these places.

6. You can make beautiful things the rings, watches and places from this expensive metal.

7. This food is often yellow and people like to put it in sandwiches or pizzas.

8. Pens, toothbrushes and combs are made of this.

9. You can sleep in this when you go camping.

10. All kinds of businesswoman and businessmen work at their desks in these places.