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Ducks and Swans

Read the text. Choose the rigt words and write them on the lines.

Them are many different kinds of ducks and swans and they on the lakes and them of the world. They have short legs and feet which (1).... good for moving in the water, but not very good for walking or running. Many of (2).... have long necks which they use to get to their food under the water. They often fly to different places to find food. Ducks eat small frogs and (3).... little water animals. Some people have ducks because (4).... eggs and meet are good to eat. People also have some kinds of ducks because they like (5).... at their beautiful colours. Swans are heavy birds, (6)..... they can fly, too. They fly to far places to find more food. They (7).... . places for their eggs out of grass, on the ground or on little islands. After (8).... a month, baby swans come out of the eggs. Baby swans are called 'cygnets. Sometimes the mother swan carries the cygnets on (9)......... back when she d In the water. The cygnets can fly (10)..... they are three months old.

1. (1)

2. (2)

3. (3)

4. (4)

5. (5)

6. (6)

7. (7)

8. (8)

9. (9)

10. (10)