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A toothbrush

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the line. There is one example.
a university an apartment a playground books a towel newspapers a tent diaries comics a chemist's postcards soap a toilet a school a toothbrush

You use this to clean your teeth .....a toothbrush.....
1. You use this when you want to get dry, after washing or swimming

2. This is the place young children go to, to study and learn

3. This is a kind of home, and is usually on one floor

4. These usually have a picture on the front, and you write them to your friends and family when you go away from home

5. You can buy these every day, and they tell you about things which are happening in the world

6. You can use this for cleaning your body when you are having a shower

7. This place is outside, and it may have a lot of swings and other games for children

8. You can buy medicines and other things at this place

9. You write in these, to help you remember important dates and times

10. These are usually for children, and pictures help you understand the stories in them