Trang chủ / A2 Flyers / Reading & Writing

A plate

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the line. There is one example.
belts a factory tights a swan a fork a fridge an airport a museum a chiken a bookshop a knife gloves scarves a dinosaur a plate

You put food on this and then eat from it ...a plate...
1. You wear these on your hands.

2. This is a place which you go to If you want to catch a plane.

3. This is usually in the kitchen and it is very cold inside.

4. This animal lived a long time ago, but now it is extinct.

5. This is usually made of metal. You cut things with it.

6. This white or black bird has a long neck and lives on a river or lake.

7. Gas and women sometimes wear these on their legs under their skirts.

8. People go there to see interesting things from different centuries.

9. You can wear on of these round year neck if it is cold. They are often made of wool.

10. The people who work in this place make things like computers, cars or toys.