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A famous artist

Read the text. Choose the rigt words and write them on the lines.

There __are__ usually a lot of interesting books about famous artists in libraries because people like reading about them and looking at (1)___  paintings.

One of (2)___ most famous artists in the world was Claude Monet. He started to paint 160 years (3)___ , when he was 20 years old. He painted a lot of pictures, but if you walls to buy (4)___ now, you must be very, very rich. People can still (5)___  museums to see them there.

Monet enjoyed painting pictures of flowers and water, so he (6)___ painted the countryside and the sea. He also liked painting pictures of people in gardens (7)___ on boats. 

(8)___ artist was famous because he used hundreds of different colours in his painting. When he looked at a tree, he didn't just (9)____ green leaves. In the light from the sun, he saw yellow, pink, purple and orange leaves, too.

It is strange. For many years (10)____ liked his paintings. He couldn't sell them, so he was very poor, but now people love them.

1. (1)___

2. (2)___

3. (3)____

4. (4)____

5. (5)____

6. (6)____

7. (7)____

8. (8)____

9. (9)_____

10. (10)____