Trang chủ / A2 Flyers / Reading & Writing

A chemist's

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the line. There is one example.
the moon bus stops butterflies ice museums history the sky dinosaurs stations a chemist's parrots a storm swans maths geography

You can buy medecine, soap, brushes and combs from this shop. ...a chemist's...
1. These beautiful insects can fly, and they love flowers. Birds sometimes eat them.

2. In the day, this is blue or grey, and you can see clouds or the sun there.

3. This subject teaches us about the world. You learn about important rivers and violet and how to read maps.

4. These big birds are usually white. They have very long necks, and they live near rivers or lakes.

5. You can visit these places to see old things or paintings. Sometimes teachers take their students to them.

6. You go to these places to catch trains or to meet friends who have arrived there.

7. You can put this in your drinks to make them cold. If it is on a lake, you can skate on

8. These animals lived a very Long time ago, but now they are extinct.

9. This subject is all about numbers, and everyone has to learn it at school.

10. When this happens, it rains very hard, and it a windy.