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A camel

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the line. There is one example.
a snack clouds wood salt glass ice a lizard storms sugar rainbows jam meals a spider a camel wool

Some people who live in hot, dry countries may ride on this animal .....a camel.....
1. This little animal has eight legs and it catches flies and eats them.

2. When people cook, they often put this in the food. It is white and you can get it from the sea

3. This comes from trees, and tables and chairs are often made from it

4. Before it rains, you see a lot of these in the sky. They are white Or grey

5. This is usually made from fruit and you can eat it with bread

6. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all examples of these
7. Windows are usually made of this. It is hard, but easy to break
8. You can skate on this or put a piece of it in a cold drink
9. You sometimes see these in the sky after it rains. They have seven colours in them
10. There is a lot of this in cakes, chocolate, ice cream and sweets.