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A bridge

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the line. There is one example.
a suitcase a snowman fog a hotel a tent a sledge a storm a theatre a snowball a museum a bridge an ambulance a factory a rucksack a circus

You can cross a river or a road on one of these .....a bridge.....
1. You can carry food and warm clothes in this when you go climbing

2. You go to this place if you want to see tigers and clowns

3. People can ride on this when there is a lot of now

4. You can have a row in this place when you are on holiday

5. If you are very ill, you go to hospital in one of these

6. You can go to this place if you want to see a dinosaur

7. It is difficult to see when there is a lot of this

8. When it snows, children make one of these and throw it

9. One of these brings a lot of wind and rain

10. People make things like cars or television here