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Visit an interesting city

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The people below all want to visit an interesting city.
There are descriptions of eight cities.
Decide which course would be the most suitable for the following people
For question 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.
A. Kadia This busy city has developed beside the main river which divides the central commercial district into two parts. Although you will find the main offices of many international companies, you can still ride on a water taxi and visit the side streets which sell colourful locally-made clothes and crafts.
B. Drumrnore This is one of the world's cleanest and most modern cities. There are lots of top-class hotels offering a range of international dishes. It is sunny all year round. Traffic is not a problem on the roads in and around the city, but travel is limited outside the main city area as it is mainly desert.
C. Noien This is a cultural centre with 33 museums and galleries, many attached to colleges and universities. It is not a historical city but it contains some interesting buildings, including the Post Office, which has a silver roof. It has noisy markets selling everything from antiques to plants.
D. Polatika The streets of this city are full both day and night. It is built on a river and the best way to see it is on a tourist boat which passes the beautiful old buildings. The city is starting to grow and has just opened its first department stores.
E. Haristor This famous city has been on the same site for over a thousand yea's. Old and new exist together and there isn't the fast pace of most cities. The streets are wide and well-kept with plenty of trees. Search carefully and you will find some outdoor markets and food stalls in this peaceful environment.
F. Lotten This is a regional centre for trade and tourism and is completely 'up-to-date'. People who live in this city come from many different parts of the world and so there is an excellent choice of restaurants. There is a wonderful transport system, and modern department stores.
G. Foforon There are plenty of tours to take from the city and visitors can go to mountains, farms and villages. This small city has changed little over time and its streets and markets are still crowded and noisy.
H. Quinter There is a lot of modern painting and sculpture in this relatively new city where many nationalities have come together. The galleries are well hidden though, and not easy to get to by public transport. This is mainly used for getting people in and out of the business centre, where there are many office blocks.
1. Ryana has just finished her business degree. She would like to relax in a clean, quiet city which has a long history.
2. Kevin has just finished his economics degree. He would like to visit a city that has a big business centre and also offers traditional goods for the tourist to buy.
3. Mandy and her seventy-year-old aunt share an interest in painting and buying valuable, old objects. They would like to go to a city where they can shop easily and look at art.
4. Dhillon is studying international business. He would like to go to a city where the inhabitants come from many different countries, which will give him the opportunity to try a variety of food.
5. Jenny and Mavis want to escape from modern life and go somewhere more traditional. They would like to go on some long trips outside the city as well.