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The story of the carrot and the ring

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Five sentences have been removed from the text below.
For each question, choose the correct answer.
There are three extra sentences which you do not need to use.

The story of the carrot and the ring

A. She was digging up vegetables there when she discovered the ring.
B. That gave her a very good idea about what to do with the carrot.
C. And that was probably when the ring came off her finger.
D. So she carefully cut the carrot in half.
E. She had never seen anything like it before.
F. And only two women had lived there in all that time.
G. It was tiring work, as some of them were very big.
H. Luckily, she managed to find another one that looked just like it.
Have you ever lost something that was precious to you, and thought you'd never see it again? That's what happened to Mary Grams from Canada.

Mary had worn her engagement ring for more than half a century when she suddenly lost it. She was working in her garden on the family farm one day, pulling out a plant 1   When she discovered it was missing, she searched everywhere for it for days, before finally giving up.

Mary realised she probably wasn't going to find the ring again. So she decided not to tell anyone about what had happened, apart horn her son. Instead, she thought she would replace it with a much cheaper ring from a jeweller's 2   In fact, it was so similar that no-one else in her family even knew her original ring was missing.

But the story has a happy ending. Mary eventually got her engagement ring back - 13 years after it was lost! One day Mary's Colleen was working in the some garden where Mary had been all those years ago.

3   But this time it looked a bit different - because there was a carrot growing right through the middle of it.

As soon as Colleen saw the ring, she knew immediately who the owner was. The form had been in the family for over 100 years. 4   So when Colleen discovered the story of the lost ring, it became clear there was only one person it could possibly have belonged to, and the ring was returned to Mary.

Mary decided to remove her ring from the carrot and wear it again. 5   Then the ring was washed, and Mary put it back on her finger - and it still fined perfectly!