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The giant piano

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Five sentences have been removed from the text below.
For each question, choose the correct answer.
There are three extra sentences which you do not need to use.

The giant piano

A. However, he put a lot of work into his original model.
B. It's so big, you could imagine actually lying down inside it!
C. So what gave Adrian the idea to create such a huge piano?
D. They expect that the instrument won't sound very good.
E. But things weren't always that simple.
F. That's much larger than on a normal-sized piano.
G. Most of them were surprised by the wonderful result.
H. But he soon found he couldn't move it out on his own.
A young man in New Zealand recently became famous for making one of the largest pianos ever.

Adrian Mann, who now works as a professional piano builder, started building the piano when he was just 16 years old, and made many of the parts Far it himself. The piano is 5.7 metres long and is very heavy. And the keyboard actually has keys that are a metre in length. 1   But despite this difference in size, the instrument can still be played perfectly, thanks to Adrian's hard work.

2   In fact, the whole thing started when Adrian became interested in the materials used for the wires inside the piano. These create the notes when they're hit.

And he found that if the wires were really long, he could get an amazing sound. From there, he went on to build the whole piano.

The instrument was kept inside a church in his town for some time, before Adrian decided it was time to transfer the huge piano from the church to his workshop. 3   So in the end, the fire service had to come and help take the instrument to its new home.

Since the move, a lot of piano players have visited Adrian to try out the piano. But Adrian says that when they arrive, some people aren't very positive about the piano.

4   But actually, it always performs brilliantly. They soon discover that the piano can play a wide range of music, just like any normal piano.

There's been so much interest in Adrian's piano that he could probably start making and selling others just like it 5   So, at the moment, he has no plans to make any more.