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Something special this Saturday

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The young people below all want to do something special this Saturday.
There are descriptions of eight events.
Decide which course would be the most suitable for the following people
For question 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.
A. Waspbrook Park Have fun finding out how you can help save the planet. Learn from the experts who will give entertaining hands-on demonstrations about everything from water saving to energy efficiency. Everything sold in the park's restaurant is made from ingredients from the local area.10 am - 6 pm.
B. Silverbank Island Travel by boat to an open-air concert in the beautiful surroundings of this unspoilt island. Hear some of the biggest artists from the rock, pop and jazz worlds. There'll be stalls offering a range of international foods. It'll be a truly amazing evening.
C. Hopelands Hall Bring a picnic lunch and relax for the afternoon in lovely landscaped gardens and watch a film. The large outdoor screen is well placed so all the audience can see it clearly. This week's film is the 1960s wildlife classic Born Free. It's a beautiful film which will be popular with young and old alike.
D. Bramley River Centre Learn some traditional fishing skills on this popular all-day sports course. You will learn about different types of environmentally-friendly fishing and will then have the opportunity to try them out yourself. Bring your camera - you'll want a souvenir of your day as any fish you catch must be thrown back in the water!
E. Downland Park Discover the different types of birds and animals that come out in the evening in the park. Staff have arranged special games to help you find out about these creatures. Hot drinks and tasty snacks will be provided. Don't forget to wear comfortable boots! 8 pm-10 pm.
F. The Collins Centre In the morning you can visit the centre's large collection of 20th century advertising posters, then spend the afternoon working on your own poster design to print and keep. You can picnic in the centre's spacious gardens while listening to rap songs from local musicians.
G. Oakwood Manor Do you like Brazilian music? Then come along to the all-day 'Samba' workshop at Oakwood Manor. You'll learn to play some cool sounds on the drums, and practise some great dances. A traditional Brazilian lunch is included in the price.
H. Westsea Castle There are lots of things to do in and around the castle during special activity days. Spend half the day sailing and then, after a picnic, go mountain biking. In the evening you can watch a battle for the castle and discover what life was like for a soldier here a thousand years ago.
1. Angela wants to go out with her younger sister in the evening. They both love learning about wildlife and would like to take part in an organised activity.
2. Vic would like to go with his sends to listen to several different kinds of music. They also want to be able to buy something to eat.
3. Beth and her twin sister are interested in art and would like to make something which they can take home as a souvenir of their day. They also want a nice place to eat their packed lunch.
4. Mike wants to spend the day with a couple of friends. They all enjoy water sports and the open an and are also keen on history.
5. Molly and her friend are enjoying a school project on the environment and are keen to discover more about this topic. They want to go somewhere where they can spend the day and also get some lunch.