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Sheep can recognise faces!

Sheep can recognise faces!

Many people think sheep aren't very intelligent creatures. But in fact, (1)____ to new research, they may be cleverer than we think. For example, sheep can actually be trained to recognise human hoes from photographs!

Recognising faces is an important human social (2)____ . However, it seems that sheep are also social animals that can recognise other sheep as well as (3)____ humans. In experiments, researchers trained eight sheep to recognise the faces of celebrities from photographs. Training involved getting the sheep to (4)_____ decisions about the photos they saw. At one end of a room, they would see two different photographs, and would receive a (5)____ of food for approaching the photograph of the celebrity; if they approached the wrong photograph, they got nothing. Over time, they learned to (6)____ getting food with the celebrity's photograph. And after training, the sheep correctly chose the celebrity's face eight times out of ten!

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