Trang chủ / B1 Preliminary for Schools / Reading

Samuel Pepys

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.
For each question, mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Samuel Pepys

The most famous diary __in__ English was written by Samuel Pepys. It gives a detailed and interesting (1)___ of everyday life in England (2)___ 1660 and 1669. Pepys writes about important news stories of the time, like disease, an enemy navy (3)___ up the River Thames and the Great Fire of London. He also writes about himself, even about his (4)___ — he often slept during church or (5)___ at the pretty girls. He describes his home life — a (6)___ . with his wife and how they became friends again, his worry about her illness. As well as books, he liked music, the theatre, card (7)___ , and parties with good food and (8)___ of fun. Pepys was a busy man who had many important (9)___ — he was a Member of Parliament and President of the Royal Society. He is also (10)___ for his work for the British Navy.

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2. (2)___

3. (3)___

4. (4)___

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