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Our new skatepark!

For each question, write the correct answer. Write ONE word for each gap.

Our new skatepark!

by Jack Fletcher

Is there a great skatepark in your town? We’ve now got the fantastic skatepark ever, and it’s all because of my friends and me!

Our old skatepark was full of broken equipment, so none of us ever went there. But we all agreed that we had a better skatepark in our town, we’d use it. And teenagers might come other towns to join us, too.

So I set up an online questionnaire to find out local people wanted. I asked them whether we should improve our old skatepark build a completely new one. People voted to build a new one.

Then we held some events to get money to pay for it. In the end we collected half the cost, and the local council paid the rest. It finally finished last month. So come and try it – you’ll have a great time!