Trang chủ / B1 Preliminary for Schools / Reading

New home - New school

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.
For each question, mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Last year my Dad got a new job. It was in a town __which__ was 100 kms from our home. Mum and Dad (1)___ we would have to move, because it was a long way for Dad to (2)___ every day.

When they (3)___ me about their plan I was upset (4)___ I loved my home and school. I was worried that I would (5)___ all my friends and teachers a lot.

Anyway, six months (6)___ that, my family moved to the town of Rexford. The house was much bigger than our old one, and (7)___ my bedroom window I (8)___ see the sea.

I wasn't looking forward to the first day at my new school. I felt really (9)___ about meeting lots of new people. But when I got there everyone was great! My class teacher was nice and I (10)___ friends with two girls in my class. Moving home isn't that bad, after all!

1. (1)____

2. (2)___

3. (3)____

4. (4)____

5. (5)____

6. (6)____

7. (7)____

8. (8)___

9. (9)____

10. (10)____