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Music can change the taste of vegetables!

Music can change the taste of vegetables!

Many children, and some adults too, dislike the taste of certain vegetables. The flavours of foods such as cabbage and broccoli are generally the ones people mention as their least (1)____ vegetables, as these vegetables are believed to have an extremely (2)____ taste. However, according to an Oxford psychologist, children might change their (3)____ about these foods if they can hear simple music while they're eating - such as the sounds that come from one musical instrument, called a wind chime. This instrument often (4)_____ in people's gardens, and plays sweet notes when the wind blows through it. These notes may make the food seem to taste sweeter than it would do normally. However, many adults (5)____ that their tastes developed as they grew up, so they now enjoy a far greater range of food. As a result, they're much more (6)_____ to eat the kind of vegetables they always hated during their childhood.

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