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Metal giraffe arrives at school!

Look at the sentences below about a metal sculpture of a giraffe and its artist, Tom Bennet.
Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect

The pupils of Grangetown High have been busy getting to know their newest and tallest classmate - a 7-metre-tall giraffe outside their school.

The giraffe is a huge metal sculpture made by a local artist. The school's headmaster noticed the sculpture in the artist's garden as he drove past one day, and thought it would be perfect for his school. 'I knew everyone would love it,' he said, 'because our basketball team is known as the Grangetown Giraffes, and they wear giraffes on their shirts. So I asked them to write a letter to the artist, asking how much it would cost to buy the giraffe. He was very kind and got it ready to deliver in six weeks - all for nothing! He arranged for it to arrive one Sunday morning, so that the pupils would see it when they got to school on the Monday - at that stage they had no idea that we were getting it.'

The artist, Tom Bennett, was a university professor of chemistry before he retired in 2006 and only took up metalwork a couple of years ago. But he had always been a keen artist. 'I've always drawn pictures,' he said. 'I can even remember doing it on my first day at school - I drew a horse. I wanted it to be the best horse picture ever, but I don't think I succeeded!'

Tom's first project using metal was a bicycle for two that he and his wife could go cycling on together. 'It was the most uncomfortable bike ever created,' admits Tom, 'so I gave up making bicycles and went into sculpture instead.'

The first metal sculpture I ever did was of a lion. which now also lives at a school. It started out as a cat, but it just didn't look right, so I made it into a lion and put it in my front garden. It soon began to attract attention from passers-by. Some small children wouldn't walk past the lion unless they could have a turn sitting and playing on its back. I think children feel that my sculptures look like actual live animals, and that's what I want.'

Meanwhile the pupils at Grangetown High are very happy with their new classmate. 'We're going to hold a competition to give it a proper name,' said one girl. 'Everyone likes the expression on its face, so perhaps that will give us some ideas'.

1. The headmaster wrote to the artist to ask about buying the sculpture for the school.

2. The school got the giraffe sculpture free of charge.

3. The schoolchildren were looking forward to the arrival of the giraffe.

4. The artist Tom Bennett started making metal objects while he was working at a university.

5. Tom thinks that he did an excellent drawing on his first day at school.

6. Tom only made one metal bicycle for himself and his wife.

7. Tom changed one of his metal sculptures into a different animal while he was making it.

8. Tom says that his lion sculpture was very popular with small children.

9. Tom intends his animal sculptures to appear realistic.

10. The pupils of Grangetown High have decided on a name for their giraffe sculpture.