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Many cities have parks for people to enjoy

Many cities have parks for people to enjoy. And it's very (1)____ to And wonderful sculptures in them. However, some sculptures found in Fairbanks, Alaska, aren't quite the same as in other cities. When the temperature (2)____ at the end of winter, they all disappear -because they're made of ice!

Fairbanks has been the home of the World Ice Art Championships for over 20 years, and artists from many different countries come to create spectacular ice sculptures. The ice is brought from a lake (3)____ near the sculpture park. It's said to be so clear that visitors can read a newspaper through it - even though the individual pieces are over one metre (4)____

Visitors also have the (5)_____ to make their own ice sculptures if they wish, at special classes. There's a children's play park, too, where (6)_____ everything is made of ice, including sculptures of favourite animals. Its a great place to visit!

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