Trang chủ / B1 Preliminary for Schools / Reading

Hi Karina

For each question, write the correct answer. Write ONE word for each gap.
Hi Karina,
Guess what! I've finally joined the local girls' football team in my town! As you know, it's something I've wanted to do ages, so I'm glad I've finally signed up.
I think my parents were a bit surprised, though, as I'd never really taken very interest in sport, but after watching a women's football match on TV, I just knew it was for me.
I've attended football training every week then, and last Saturday I played in my first match. It was really exciting! And of the best things was that I actually scored a goal! We didn't go on to win the match, but our coach was still really pleased with our performance.
Our next match is on You're not on holiday with your parents then, you? So why don't you come along and watch? It would great to see you!