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Greate opportunity

Look at the sentences below about an European travel.
Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect


Here is a wonderful flight offer from the Daily News, giving our readers the chance to get a return ticket to Europe for next to nothing.

European destinations
Our basic offer price of £10 allows you to take an Express Airlines flight to Brussels in Belgium from Heathrow Airport in London. At Brussels Airport there are connections to Nice, Milan, Madrid or Copenhagen for only an extra £25 return. This offer is available from November to February, apart from the period December 18 — January 6. There are up to five flights during the day between Heathrow and Brussels. If you plan to travel further than Brussels, you will need to get the early morning flight from Heathrow. A charge of £10 is added to the ticket price for travel between Friday and Sunday.

So much to see and do
Why not treat yourself and your partner or friend to a few days in Belgium? Discover wonderful Brussels, which is much more than the centre of the European Union. The Belgian capital is a mix of old and nevv, with a historic central square, a number of galleries and museums to explore, and more restaurants per person than any other city in Europe. The Daily News is also organising tours of the beautiful Belgian towns of Bruges and Antwerp. There is also the opportunity for our readers to stay at the Crown Inn Hotel in Brussels and enjoy luxury accommodation and friendly service for an amazing price starting from £15 per person per night. The Crown Inn Hotel is in a perfect position for you to see the sights and look round the city shops. Or you can simply relax in this friendly hotel, which offers leisure facilities and family rooms, making it a great place for people with children.

How to get your tickets
We will only consider bookings made on the special application form printed in our newspaper, and sent to us with a cheque for the fare. One week before departure, please contact our office by phone to check your booking.

We recommend that you get travel insurance for your trip. Please note that the prices do not include airport tax. Once bookings are made, no changes are allowed, and your money cannot be returned if you cancel. Any flight may be changed or cancelled by the airline company without notice.

1. The Daily News is offering free flights to a number of European cities

2. These tickets allow passengers to fly directly from Heathrow to Nice

3. To go to Copenhagen you must leave early in the morning

4. Travelling on Saturday costs extra

5. The Crown Inn Hotel is convenient for shopping

6. You must write to the newspaper for a special application form

7. You should ring the newspaper about your reservation seven days before you are due to leave

8. Passengers must buy insurance for the trip

9. You must pay extra for airport tax.

10. The airline company has the right to change a flight without telling passengers in advance.