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Going to the cinema

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The people below all want to go to the cinema.
There are descriptions of eight films.
Decide which course would be the most suitable for the following people
For question 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.
A. The Delivery Jim Treace stars in this well-known comedy about two workmen who have to deliver a long piece of wood to a house. But unfortunately the performances arc poor, and the film is too long for such a simple joke.
B. And Tomorrow We Find You A fast-moving adult story about a San Francisco policeman in danger. Based on a real-life happening, it keeps you guessing right until the last minute. Although there are no big stars, there are some fine performances.
C. The Ends of the Earth A story based on a real•life tourney to the South Pole. This film contains some quite wonderful wildlife photography -make sure you see it while you have the chance, or you'll be sorry.
D. Island of Fire You get spectacular scenery and lots of thrills in this action packed story, in which a young sea-captain rescues terrified villagers from a volcanic island in the South Seas.
E. Out of School Here we live through a day in the life of an American teenager who has problems not only with his parents and their boring friends but also with his first girlfriend who just doesn't seem to understand him.
F. A Time of Silence Don't forget your handkerchief for this story of a young college boy and girl who manage to survive all the pressures of modern life. And what an unforgettable wedding scene!
G. A Private Party A wonderfully' funny comedy, which takes place in the 1940s. A reporter and his very worried wife try to save a sheep from the local butcher. The actors really make the most of this clever script.
H. Who Shot Malone? It's a surprise to see so many famous names wasting their time in this dull detective story. In the end you find yourself asking: Who cares?
1. Jo is studying art at university. She usually goes to the cinema on Friday evenings. She enjoys films that are based on real life and from which she can learn something.
2. Sheila has decided to take her mother to the cinema for her birthday. They both like love stories that have happy endings.
3. Brian is a hard-working medical student. He doesn't have very much free time. but he likes going to the cinema to relax, and enjoys a good laugh.
4. Adam wants to take his 8-year-old son Mark to the cinema at the weekend. They want to see a film with plenty of excitement.
5. Harry and Joyce go to the cinema about twice a month. They particularly like detective stories and do not pay much attention to which actors are in the film.