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Go for a walk

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The people below all want to go for a walk.
There are descriptions of eight walks.
Decide which course would be the most suitable for the following people
For question 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.
A. MILL LANE You'll see lots of animals on this walk, because there is nothing to disturb them. Walkers often say they meet no-one. There are places where you can join or finish the walk but these are not well signposted and it is easy to get lost.
B. SEA PATH This walk starts at the village of Nye Flats and the excellent signposts lead you through local sheets, fields and pretty neighbouring villages. Although it will take you half a day, there are no hills at all. You can breathe the sea air and enjoy watching traditional life in busy villages.
C. CUTTERS WAY This walk can take anything from 30 minutes to two hours. It's not a good walk for hill-lovers as the ground is completely flat, but it has good signposts and simple facilities for the hungry or thirsty walker. A few places or things to see would improve th, walk, which can be a little dull.
D. PADDOCK WAY This is really a short track across a working farm. There are plenty of chickens and sheep to see, and the farmer has turned some of the buildings into an educational centre with a café. Not a walk for those who like peace and quiet, but good fun.
E. HURDLES This is a route for the experienced walker. It crosses two rivers and includes hills of up to 500 metres, from which you can sec the sea. There arc several rocky paths that are unsuitable for children or older people and there are no shops so take plenty of water.
F. NEVERLAND This is a walk to take if you have a whole day to spare and want to escape from other people. It follows a narrow track which is clearly marked and has different routes for different types of walker. There are hills to climb but views are limited because of thick forest.
G. OVERHILL This sounds like a difficult walk but it's really easy, although it could be better signposted. If you're a local person, you're almost certain to meet someone you know on the walk. It's a couple of kilometres outside the village of Overhill, with fields full of rabbits!
H. GOLD-DIGGERS END You won't find any gold on this peaceful walk, but you will find plenty of other things to see including a lovely garden which is open to the public. It's a half-hour walk with a couple of small cafés on the way.
1. David enjoys walking but he has injured his knee and cannot climb up hills. He would like to spend a couple of hours on a quiet walk with well-marked paths.
2. Luigi likes to get as much exercise as possible and particularly likes climbing steep hills to get a good view. He wants to do a walk that is difficult and offers a range of scenery.
3. Yannis has two sons of 8 and 10. He would like to take them to see some animals in the countryside. He wants to be able to buy some refreshments.
4. Amanda has had an operation and needs plenty of fresh air to help her recover. She wants to find a short, quiet walk with a beautiful place to visit on the route.
5. Claudia's grandparents are staying with her They are very fit and enjoy walking. They would like to visit some of the local villages and need a clearly-marked route so they don't lose their way.