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Flims studio

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The young people below all want to visit a studio where films are made.
Decide which film studios would be the most suitable for the people below.
For question 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.

Film studios

A. Grand Studios
These studios have been the home of special effects for years!There's plenty to look at and read, so allow lots of time for your visit. And our friendly guides around the studios are ready to help direct you to the most interesting sights. It's best to book online in advance.
B. Movieworld
You'll find the best movies ever here, set far into the future! Use the interactive videos on our computers, to see how actors are turned into on-screen monsters, using amazing make-up, costumes and filming techniques, and models of dinosaurs are created to look as though they're alive! There are video activities. and 'tours' of the studio to download.
C. Waverley Studios
These studios are huge, with plenty of space for displaying the scenery and stages where big stars acted in scenes from famous films. Check the website to see exactly what the studio offers inside. And because you're not shown around in groups, you can spend as much time there as you want!
D. Screen World Many famous movies from the last century were made in these studios, and you can still see the costumes worn in them, and the original sets used in the films. There's a useful digital guide you can buy here, no you'll find your way through these studios really quickly!
E. WestWays
To visit tug studio, get tickets in advance through the website, to avoid long queues - it's very popular with people who love top movies from the 405, many of which were filmed here. The studio also has a great selection of items from various movies. now on sale as souvenirs!
F. FilmFun
Come and visit amazingly realistic sets, from the streets of Newyork to the historical sites of Rome - and walk around them!The tour also includes a has ride to places in the surrounding area which have appeared in films, with a staff member to tell you whatever you'd like to know.
G. Star Studios
See a 360° online tour of these studios before you come - they're huge! And during your visit, ride through what look like London and Paris streets. on original buses used in old films. and even try on costumes from films made here. Digital displays will give you plenty of information!
H. FilmPark
FilmPark has an amazing collection of old cars once used in films - and they still work! So, have a trip in one and see the studios as you're driven around its huge city street scenes. There's also a collection of original clothes that stars were dressed in for their movies. Visitors get free photos of themselves as they leave.
1. Tom wants to look around the studio at his own speed, and visit the actual sets where films were made. His mum wants to see online what the studio is like before she buys tickets.
2. Ingrid is interested in seeing costumes that famous actors have worn, and she'd also like to ride on a vehicle that originally appeared in a film. Ingrid's mum wants a souvenir to remember their trip.
3. Roberto wants to visit a studio where famous films were made many years ago, and buy something that appeared in one of the films. His dad wants to book online before they go.
4. Simone likes science fiction films, and prefers looking at digital displays about how special effects are achieved to reading information. Simone's dad wants to get a digital guide.
5. Ben is interested in how scenes from famous cities are created in studios. tied also like to visit film locations outside the studios, accompanied by a guide who can answer his questions.