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Cross-country skiing in Sweden

Cross-country skiing in Sweden

by Jenna Walton, aged 15

Last year, Mum and I wanted to try a winter sport culled cross-country skiing - travelling on skis across the countryside. And pictures of one area in Sweden, with people skiing along through forests on wonderful white snow, persuaded us that destination was a good choice. We hadn't done much skiing, though, so weren't sure how difficult cross-country skiing was, compared with skiing fast down steep mountains. But we signed up to join a group of people, of all ages, plus a guide.

We'd read about the place we went to before we left, so we knew it was close to where Sweden ends and Norway starts. And our family knew we couldn't text home, as there was no internet connection - and actually, it was relaxing to be far horn anywhere, or anyone. What we hadn't realised was that from there, we'd be able to see amazing coloured lights in the sky, which appeared at certain times of year, called the Northern Lights - what a sight!

On our first day there, I hated getting up in the dark, but it meant I sow the sun come up over the forest, so I was glad I did. And sunshine was forecast for the week, I was delighted to heart But the real problem was my 15kg rucksack, full of food and clothes - I had no idea it would weigh that much. Anyway, we skied for hours across mainly flat snow. Having special light skis was supposed to help us climb the few hills there were -although I still couldn't do it!

Finally we stopped for the night. It wasn't until we'd reached our but that our guide mentioned we'd just crossed a frozen lake to get there - but nothing surprised us by that point! Anyway, he gave us all jobs to do - cutting fire wood and cooking food - and soon we were having dinner, made from whatever food we'd brought - a strange mix, but it tasted delicious. And everywhere was so peaceful outside that none of us stayed awake long.

Mum and I want to try another winter sports trip, maybe snowboarding. But we'll probably end up just as exhausted as we were after this trip!

1. Jenne and her mum decided to go cross-country skiing in Sweden because

2. After their arrival, what did they discover about where they were staying?

3. How did Jenna feel about the long trips through the snow on skis?

4. Regarding their accommodation, Jenna says everyone

5. What would Jenna text to a friend about her trip?