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Computer game exhibition

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For each question, choose the correct answer.
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Computer game exhibition

A. Visitors each pay for 90-minute sessions.
B. And at the time, it helped lots of young people to do that.
C. ASo they hope the exhibition will share this message.
D. But not everyone thinks it's a lot of fun.
E. However, visitors often choose the ones they're familiar with.
F. They have better storylines and animation, too.
G. They also create the music to go with the game.
H. Then they can all enjoy playing the same game.
Have you ever tried playing the kind of video games that your parents played? The Museum of Science in Manchester, in the UK, has held an exhibition for the last few years, which invites visitors to do exactly that. It offers them the chance to play games from the last 40 years, in various sessions throughout the day.

These video games sessions have now become one of the main attractions of the museum. They ore full of people every day, playing a wide range of games.

1   For parents, for example, these are usually the games they used to play in their childhood.

There's also an educational purpose to the games. For instance, some old types of computer, dating back 40 years, are also available in the sessions. They were originally used in classrooms to teach pupils to write their own computer programs.

2   Now, the museum is holding workshops that encourage children to learn similar skills - and they're still very popular.

The sessions are also seen as social events, as people discover how much fun it is to play video games with other family members. And there's also an area at Power Up! where a number of visitors can sit down together. 3   And nowadays, this is often how fans of video games are more likely to experience playing.

The exhibition also shows how much progress technology has made over the last 40 years. Parents can often remember playing very simple games. But the games that are played today are more complex. 4   And the players also have to use much more complicated techniques.

However, one serious side of the exhibition is that organisers also want to show that video gaming is an important industry, employing many skilled people.

5   That way, people who enjoy gaming will also understand all the hard work, talent and imagination that goes into creating these amazing games.