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Come to Britain to study English

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The people below all want to come to Britain to study English.
There are descriptions of eight colleges.
Decide which course would be the most suitable for the following people
For question 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.
A. Lowton College Situated in a pleasant area of the city dose to the river. Convenient for North Wales and the English Lake District.
• Courses in English run all year.
• Part-time courses available in the evenings/days.
• We will arrange accommodation with an English family.
B. Bristow College The college is in the centre of Bristow.
• Full-time courses at all levels. beginners to advanced, from September to June.
• Visiu arranged to places of interest.
• Excellent range of sports offered.
• Students arrange their own accommodation in flats and houses.
C. Shepton College Shepton College is in the centre of London close to underground and buses.
- Classes are offered all through the year.
- A Daytime English courses up to ten hours per week.
- Evening classes of four hours per week.
- A Extra classes offered in English for Os Business.
- Students arrange their own accommodation in flats and houses.
D. Frampton College Situated in West London dose to bus and underground.
* Courses run from September to July (daytime only).
* Special courses available, e.g. English for Business. Ct Summer school in July and August
* Accommodation arranged in student hostels.
E. Daunston College Daunston is a small to in the Midlands near pleasant countryside.
• Part-time and full-time classes available from September to June.
• Full-time summer school in August.
• Complete beginners part-time only.
• Trips and other social events arranged regularly.
• Accommodation in the college or with families.
F. Exford College Exford is beside the sea and surrounded by beautiful countryside.
* Courses at all levels, September to June (full-time).
* Summer schools (mornings only) during August.
* Full social programme including sports and hobby clubs provided by the college.
* Students live in college rooms or with families.
G. Chesford College Situated in the centre of Chesford, a quiet market town.
* English courses offered from September to June, daytime and evenings.
* Trips organised to Cambridge, Oxford and London.
* Accommodation is with local families.
H. Howe College The college is in the city centre, but near the North Yorkshire countryside and the sea.
• Classes run from September to June.
• Part-time and full-time courses from beginners to advanced (daytime only).
• Full-time courses in English with Business Studies.
• Trips arranged to places of interest.
• Help given in finding a flat or room in the area.
1. Marta wants a course in Business Studies and English, starting in September. She would prefer to be in a city, but wants a college which will organise visits, so she can see something of Britain.
2. Jean wants to attend classes for a few hours a week in July, so that he has plenty of free time to visit the countryside. He wants to stay in a city, with a family.
3. Laura is looking for a full-time beginners' course and can come to Britain at any time. She is keen on sport and wants to stay with a family.
4. Marek likes big cities. He hopes to find work during the day, so he is looking for an evening class. He wants to live in a flat or house.
5. Birgit is going to spend August in Britain. She knows some English already and wants a full-time course. She wants to meet people through the college and live with a family.