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Central College student fashion show - review

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Central College student fashion show - review

by Sam Coulston, college magazine reporter

As you may know, we had a fantastic fashion show here at the college last week. The aim was to display the work that the fashion students recently been involved in all year here at the college, and show parents and friends the results. And it was clear to us that were impressed by it.

The models that part in the show were actually the students themselves, wearing their own clothes designs. were some amazingly creative clothes on show, such as a dress made of recycled materials, and a coat that included every colour you could possibly think of! And the scenery, created the students in the Art Department, was really spectacular too. Mrs Jackson, Head of Design, said 'There's absolutely doubt in my mind that all these students are extremely talented - and I'm sure we'll hear more about them in the future. I wish them every success in their careers.'