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Buying a book on travel

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The people below all want to buy a book on travel.
There are descriptions of eight books.
Decide which course would be the most suitable for the following people
For question 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.
A. Allan Jowett
Jowett's Railway Centres: Volume I
Packed with inforrmation about 20 British railway centres. this wonderful book is handwritten and illustrated throughout with clear hand-drawn maps - a true collector's piece Mr those who are interested in railways.
B. Alan Titchmarsh
The English River
Alan Titchmarsh explores 18 rivers, telling their interesting stories with his appriciation of them. A saying from a past age introduces each chapter as his exploration moves across the English countryside.
C. Robin Hanbury-Tenison
The Oxford Rook Al Exploration
This is a collection of the writing of explorers through thc centuries. It describes the feelings and experiences of these brave adventurers who changed the world through their search for new lands.
D. The Travel Club
Train Journeys of the World
First-hand accounts of 30 of the world's most beautiful and dramatic railway journeys are found together with specially drawn maps and wonderful photographs that show the people and places on the route.
E. Bruce Chatwin
Photographs and Notebooks
On all his travels. Bruce Chatwin took thousands of photographs and kept daily notebooks. Published here for the first time. the photographs arc excellent. the notebook, both scholarly and funny. Will give great pleasure.
F. Automobile Association
Walks and Tours in France
Explore spectacular and pretty France with 61 expertly researched motor tours and 114 walks, complete with route directions, super mapping, and descriptions and pictures of places of interest for the traveller.
G. Shirley Pike
The Book of French Life
This beautiful volume contains forty wonderful photographs that show the very nature of French life — the perfect gift for anyone who rinds this country as wonderful as Shirley Pike does.
H. Ranulph Fiennes
Mind over Matter
The epic crossing of the Antarctic continent The amazing story of his recent crossing of the Antarctic continent with another explorer, in which both showed great strength and courage.
1. Robert is planning to travel round the world by train. He would like a book with pictures and maps to take with him on his long journeys.
2. Mrs Jones used to love visiting France, but now she is too old to travel. She wants a book with lots of photographs which will help her to remember everything she enjoyed.
3. The Harpers are planning to go on holiday round Europe. They intend to drive their car and go for walks. so they need a book with maps and pictures to guide them on their way.
4. Clive wants to buy a book as a present for his friend Tom. Tom enjoys fishing and driving round England.
5. Peter has to write something for his history teacher about world explorers. He wants to know about explorers from the past and their travels to different parts of the world.