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Art courses

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The young people below all want to do an art course during their school holidays.
There are descriptions of eight short art courses as below.
Decide which course would be the most suitable for the following people
For question 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.
A. Wild Art This course concentrates on teaching drawing and painting, and you'll use your new skills to make a wall poster on the theme of animals, to take home. And we've got lots of picture books from galleries around the world to give you ideas! There'll be an exhibition of everyone's work at the end, too.
B. Colourscape Come and make a bag to keep your school games clothes in! We supply lots of colourful wool and printed cotton - you choose the design and colour (like your favourite football or hockey team colours!). There'll also be a trip to a gallery to help you get creative in your designs.
C. Create! This course is all about telling good stories in pictures. There'll be cartoon films to watch, and instruction in how to draw your favourite characters - but your imagination is much more important than your drawing skills here! The course includes a visit to a cartoon museum.
D. Art Attack You'll work on developing creative skills, like printing, photography. cartoons and movie-making. using the latest technology. This course is great for anyone wanting to take these subjects at college. Good drawing skills arc helpful on this course, anti students' work will he put into 0 book, where suitable, for everyone to buy.
E. Art Matters This course will concentrate on different drawing techniques, including using inks and colour. We'll get you to draw live models wearing designer fashions and sportswear - so if you like designing fashion and think your future is in this area, then this course is for you!
F. Art Magic This fun course shows you how to design and make fashion jewellery from natural materials, and particularly how to use photography to help you get ideas for your designs. be if you have your own camera, bring it along!
G. Arts Centre Ever wondered what your comic stories would look like on film? Here's your chance to find out! Bring along your own comic drawings or prints - good-quality ones if possible - and we'll transfer the action from your page to the screen! Film show of the best cartoons at the end!
H. Rainbow Bring along a clean white T-shirt for this fun course' Using printing inks and paints, well show you has to transfer a picture onto your T-shirt and create a special artwork that you can put on for everyone to admire!
1. Alice wants a course to help her with her drawing skills, particularly with drawing the latest styles of clothes, shoes and bags, because she wants to study this later at college.
2. Darius loves making comic books. but isn't confident about his drawing. He wants to draw superheroes and animals and create adventures about them. but doesn't want to display his work.
3. Cassie enjoys making pictures and objects from different materials. During the course she'd like to use her love of sport in her designs. and visit an exhibition to get new ideas.
4. Marc is talented at drawing, but also likes turning his friends on an old digital camera. He wants to develop this skill by learning to use more advanced equipment. and prepare for further study.
5. Harry has done a course about printing on paper. and would like to learn how to print on other materials. He also wants to produce something to take home and wear.