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A swimming club

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The young people below all want to do an art course during their school holidays.
There are descriptions of eight short art courses as below.
Decide which course would be the most suitable for the following people
For question 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.
A. Elvers Everyone who joins our club takes part in lots of races - and loves to win! So we expect our members to turn up regularly to evening practice sessions - at least three times a week. Come and try our lovely indoor pool - and new high diving board! Individual teaching is available on request.
B. Mermaid Club Swim your way from beginner to Intermediate level - and get certificates for your hard work in our big outdoor pool. Working in small groups, we'll help you build your strength, ready for swimming the length of the pool - and even jumping from our high board!
C. Penguins We aim to build water confidence by making our indoor club meetings as much fun as possible. Come along and join us for some water volleyball - and make friends at the same time! Club discos for teenage members are held once a month.
D. Splash! Ready to swim 20 kms across the sea? Come and join our advanced swimmers' club on Saturdays and find out! You'll be well kicked after, and pool training is also provided to help keep up your strength and develop a swimming style suitable for open water.
E. Waterworld Our club provides serious swimming training every weekday evening with progress certificates as you pass each level! We do lots of swimming and diving competitions, and we'll teach you the techniques you need to be a champion! You'll also be pushed to achieve a high standard - so we'll need to see you twice a week!
F. Art Magic This fun course shows you how to design and make fashion jewellery from natural materials, and particularly how to use photography to help you get ideas for your designs. be if you have your own camera, bring it along!
G. Wayes Our club takes all levels of learner swimmers in our shallow practice pool, and aims to increase strength and improve technique through different pool games. After 6 pm we can provide one-to-one teaching if requested. Swimmers should try to come once a week.
H. Sharks We use the pool inside the new city leisure centre, and take swimmers from complete beginners upwards. Well help you move up fast through the levels - and even join our high-diving group if you wish! Club party night is every Saturday!
1. Ralph is a strong swimmer, and would like a club that organises challenging long-distance events. He'd also like to improve his technique, but only has weekends free.
2. Marta has just learnt to swim and wants to improve quickly so she can jump off the top board into a big pool. She prefers indoor pools, but doesn't like doing competitions.
3. Fiona wants a club where she can swim for pleasure and meet other people. She'd also like a club that organises games in the pool, and regular social events.
4. Jay can't swim very far at the moment, so he wants to get stronger. He can only attend one evening per week, so would like individual instruction.
5. Daisy wants to attend a swimming club after 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. She wants to take swimming tests as she moves up from intermediate to advanced level, and hopes to become a winner in club races.