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Would you like to be an astronaut?

Would you like to be an astronaut?

You don't have to be Superman to fly in space. Many men and women from many different countries have done it. For example, the European Space Agency (ESA) now has 14 astronauts from 8 different countries.

The first thing is this - you need to be sure it's the job that you really want to do. It requires a lot of hard work and several years of study at university before astronaut training even begins. Most people start this between 27 and 37 years of age. Many astronauts also train to become pilots first.

Astronauts come from all over Europe and the world, and it's important that they can speak the same languages. They have to speak English, and they are given Russian lessons. Some also learn another language, for example Japanese, as a number of astronauts are Japanese speakers.

If you are still at school and you'd like to be an astronaut when you're older, it's not too early to start developing the skills you will need. Playing video games is a great thing to do, as it helps you to think quickly and clearly. This is what you will need to do when you travel in space.

Another good thing to do is sports, especially team sports. They make you fit, of course, but more importantly, they help you learn how to do things together with your colleagues. So, maybe planning a game of football for next weekend isn't a bad idea?

1. The first paragraph says that

2. The writer says

3. Which languages do ESA astronauts know how to speak after training?

4. Why can playing video games be useful if you want to be an astronaut?

5. How can sports help you to become an astronaut?