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Will's blog

Will's blog

One day my dad said, 'Why don't we have a street party?' This means that the street is closed so cars can't use it, and people put tables and chairs out in the street, then have a party! Dad said there was one in 1977 and he still remembers it well. Everyone loved it! I couldn't believe that since 1977 they never had another one. If it was so good, why not do it again?

We started to organise it together with some other people. I helped to make the web page, so everyone on the street knew about the party and could post their old photos from the party in 1977. There were some pictures of my dad when he was a kid, together with his friends, who have moved away from the street now. It was interesting to see that the buildings on the street haven't changed at all!

My mum was a bit worried about the party. 'But a lot of people on the street don't really know each other', she said. 'What if they don't have anything to talk about?' I just said, 'Relax, Mum. It'll be great.'

So, what was the party like? It was fantastic! My friends and I really liked speaking to an old lady called Louisa. She's 89 and was telling us about when she and her friends were our age. So now I always chat to her when I see her on the street. I didn't know who she was before, so I'm glad we had the party.

1. Why was Will surprised?

2. What did the photos from 1977 show?

3. Why was Will's mother worried?

4. Will and his friends enjoyed

5. What is the best title for the article?