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What does Tom say to the receptionist?

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Complete the conversation. What does Tom say to the receptionist?

Receptionist: Good evening, can I help you?
Tom: (C) I'm looking for a single room

A. I see Can I get something to eat in this hotel?
B. Would you show me the room?
C. I'm looking for a single room
D. What time does it finish?
E. If I stay here, can I leave my suitcase in my room tomorrow afternoon?
F. That's rather expensive. Are there any other hotels near here
G. Just for one night
H. OK I'll take the room
1. Receptionist: I'm afraid all our single rooms are full. How long do you want to stay?
2. Receptionist: I have a double room for £60.
3. Receptionist: I'm sure they're full too. There are a lot of tourists in town at the moment
4. Receptionist: I'm afraid the restaurant is closed Breakfast starts at 7 tomorrow
5. Receptionist: Your room must be empty by 12 o'clock. But you can put your luggage in reception

Receptionist: Would you write your name in the book, please,