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What does Stephen say to the airport assistant?

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Complete the conversation at an airport. What does Stephen say to the airport assistant?

Assistant: Good morning. Can I see your ticket, please?
Stephen: (G) Yes, here you are

A. Well, I suppose I can get something to eat. Where's the restaurant?
B. Here's my passport.
C. Yes, that's right. I'm going to visit my family.
D. By the window, please
E. Yes, but not this bag. Is it all right to take it on the plane?
F. That's bad news. How long for?
G. Yes, here you are.
H. Can I smoke if I sit there?
1. Assistant: You're going to fly to Scotland?
2. Assistant: I'm sorry, but there's a short delay because of fog
3. Assistant: About an hour. It won't be any more
4. Assistant: It's on the first floor. Can I take your suitcases now, please?
5. Assistant: Yes, you can take one piece of luggage with you. Where would you like to sit?

Assistant: There you are. Number 24A. Enjoy your trip