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What does Helen say to Amy?

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Complete the conversation between two friends. What does Helen say to Amy?

Amy: Helen, you went to university, didn't you? Can I ask you something?
Helen: (C) Of course you can. What's the problem?

A. I don't like histOry much.
B. What about your parents?
C. Of course you can. What's the problem?
D. Well, that's an interesting and useful science subject.
E. Where will you study?
F. I agree, money is quite important but I think your teachers are right.
G. Have you talked to your teacher about it?
H. Which subject are you best at?
1. Amy: I can't decide what subject to study at university
2. Amy: I always do well in chemistry exams.
3. Amy: I don't agree. I don't like it. What I really enjoy studying is history.
4. Amy: Yes. They all say I should choose the subject I enjoy the most.
5. Amy: Well. Dad wants me to do business studies so I can earn a lot like you

Amy: So I should choose history then!