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What does David say to Sarah?

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Complete the conversation between two friends.What does David say to Sarah?

Sarah: Hello, David. How are you?
David: (D) Fine thanks, and you?

A. Perhaps I'll go next weekend.
B. Are the tickets expensive there?
C. Oh, what did you see?
D. Fine, thanks, and you?
E. Do you think I'd like it?
F. Is the city centra far?
G. Yes, it was really good. Which cinema did you go to?
H. You should go to bed early?
1. Sarah: I'm tired. I went to see a late film last night.
2. Sarah: That one with Brad Pitt, the American actor.
3. Sarah: I think so. You liked his last film, didn't you?
4. Sarah: The new one in the city centre.
5. Yes, $6, but it's much better than the old one

Sarah: Well, I hope you like it