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What does Ben say to Ann?

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A. How many bedrooms does it have?
B. That's right. How much is it?
C. OK. Can I come and see it?
D. Hello, I'm phoning about your advertisement for a flat
E. Is there a bus stop near the flat?
F. Does it have a garden?
G. How many beds are there?
H. And is there a garage?
1. Ann: Oh yes, in the Evening Post?
2. Ann: $300 a month.
3. Ann: Two, both of them with double beds
4. Ann: Yes. It's quite small, but there are some nice plants in it.
5. Ann: I'm afraid not, but you can park outside on the street.
Ann: Of course. Is tomorrow all right? At about 10 a.m?

Ben: Yes, that'll be fine. So I'll see you tomorrow. Goodbye