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Three teenagers describe their hobbies

Three teenagers describe their hobbies

Melissa, runner I started running about a year ago. At first, I just ran 1 or 2 kilometres, but I now do about 10. My speed is improving too. rye joined a running club in the town centre. I didn't know any of the members before, but now most of them are my mates. My dad was a keen runner when he was younger - he was really fit, but he stopped when he hurt his leg. Actually, I need to order some new running shoes - just a simple pair. I don't think the expensive ones make you run faster!
Sharon, skateboarder I go skateboarding most evenings in the park. I suppose that's quite a lot, but the park is only a minute or two from our apartment, and I only stay there half an hour or so. Although I stay longer when my friends are there. Sometimes my cousin's there too. He's a beginner, and I'm teaching him a few moves. He's starting to get really good!
Latifa, rock climber Two of my best friends suggested I should start rock climbing, so now the three of us do it together. The mother of one of them takes us once or twice a month, but I'd like to do it every week. When I started, I didn't know you need to get so much stuff -and it isn't exactly cheap! I really love it. I don't think I'll ever get bored of climbing!
1. Which person has made new friends because of her hobby?

2. Which person does her hobby near her home?

3. Which person says she is getting better at her hobby?

4. Which person does her hobby with a family member?

5. Which person wants to do her hobby more often?

6. Which person needs to buy something for her hobby?

7. Which person says her hobby was more expensive than she thought?