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Three teenage sports superstars

Three teenage sports superstars

Gaurika Singh, swimmer Gaurika is from Nepal, and she was the only under-14-year-old to take in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She swam the 100 metres backstroke for Nepal. Home for Gaurika these days is in the UK, and she trains at the Copthall Swimming Club, where the coaches have trained other world-class swimmers. Her father, Rams Singh, travels with her around the world when she goes to a competition.
Tracy Austin, tennis player When Tracy Austin was given a car as a prize in a tennis competition in Stuttgart, Germany, she was 15 and still too young to drive, but she was already a professional tennis player. Then, at the age of 17, the American became the youngest ever sports person to earn a million dollars. Before long, she was the world's number one player. These days, she often appears on TV, talking about tennis matches at major competitions.
Nadia, Comăneci, gymnast When Romanian gymnast Nadia took part in the Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada, in 1976, she immediately became one of the most famous sports people in the world. She got perfect scores of 10.0 in seven different events. Everyone thought that nobody could do this and, in fact, 9.9 was the highest number that the score board could show. She did so well that she helped large numbers of people become interested in gymnastics.
1. Which sports person now works as a journalist?

2. Which sports person made her sport more popular?

3. Which sports person won something that she couldn't use?

4. Which sports person became rich when she was young?

5. Which sports person was the youngest person in a competition?

6. Which sports person did something that people believed was not possible?

7. Which sports person was born in one country and now lives in another?