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Three teenage business people

Three teenage business people

Noa Mintz Noa started a business when she was 8, holding art classes for children. Two years later, she began a party planning business for children. She doesn't think that went very well. She thinks that because she was very young, the business wasn't exactly perfect. These days, she is sure that she knows what she's doing, as she has a business that finds staff to look after other people's children. She also pays someone to help her with the business.
Mikaila Ulmer Mikaila has opened a company called Me and the Bees. It sells lemonade, which is made with local honey. The drink is sold in several shops in Mikaila's home town and online, and some of the money is given to nature groups that work with bees and other insects. Mikaila also shows children and their families how to get ideas to make money. She says, 'I think I've got lots of good advice for them.'
Jessie Chong When Jessie was really young, her parents told her that she should find something that she loved doing. She's happy she did because she thinks everyone should love their work. Jessie makes jewellery and sells it online. She looks at flowers and plants, and then uses the shapes and colours she sees in her jewellery.
1. Which person is helping wildlife?

2. Which person has given someone a job?

3. Which person gets ideas for her business from nature?

4. Which person wants to teach children about business?

5. Which person has opened other companies before?

6. Which person is pleased that she took some good advice?

7. Which person thinks she has improved as a business person?