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Three musuems

Three musuems

Eureka! Eureka! is a complete hands-on experience, which means that visitors can actually pick up any object in the museum. It's a great way for young visitors to learn about the world, the body, how things work and move. And when you buy an entry ticket, it allows you to come back as many times as you want for a whole year for no extra cost. As Eureka! is right next to Halifax train station, it's very easy to get to from all over the country.
Museum of Museums Every time you visit the Museum of Museums, you'll be able to see something different. And that's because the things you see there are actually lent by other museums around the country. The museum always has lots of different vehicles, from ice-cream vans and old motorbikes to the different kinds of public transport people used to get to work many years ago. You can find out about all this and lots more.
Cinema Museum Ronald Grant, who opened the Cinema Museum in the 1960s, travelled round the country and bought things from cinemas which were closing down. This included old film posters and wooden cinema seating. At the museum, you can now see these and much more, including the uniforms that cinema staff once had to wear. Please let us know by phone or email if you'd like to come. We'll be happy to see you, but we need to arrange a guide, as it's only possible to visit the museum on an organised tour.
1. Which museum has an exhibition of clothes?

2. Which museum is full of things which visitors can touch?

3. Which museum is a good place to learn about how people travelled in the past?

4. Which museum can you visit again for free after you pay once?

5. Which museum do you need to contact before you visit?

6. Which museum shows things that were borrowed from other places?

7. Which museum has some furniture which wasn't needed any more